We do organize your tour based on your interests. We arrange all the trekking and hiking activities and also with additional options such as cold river bath, waterfall hunting, village trekking and many more. If you wish to read a detailed Eco Camping Trail Guide Click Here to open as a PDF in a new window. We have categorized the trekking as Basic, Moderate and Advanced. A photo showed below will show you the places and may give you an idea about it.

Basic trekking

Riverston Summit - Transmission Towers
This is one of the most common place at Riverston where everyone loves to visit. There is a 2KM walk to get to the place and will bring you a very beautiful scenery with strong cold wind.
Pitawala Pathana - Mini Worlds End
This is one of the other most common place at Riverston. There is also a 2KM walk to get to the mini worlds end and will bring you a very beautiful scenery with dynamically changing weather in every hour.
Sera Ella
A beautiful waterfall where you can reach to the back of it when water falls from the front of it. The cave behind the waterfall gives you a unique experience. You can reach the place by almost any vehicle.
Thelgamu Oya natural bath and tasty lunch from the Atanwala Vilalge
Instead of the common bathing spots, we bring you to the best places at Thelgamu Oya to enjoy cold bath. There are many fun stuff around such as natural water sliding. The lunch can be arranged at Atanwala village which is the closest to the upper part of the water stream.
Rathkinda Ella
Not many are aware that there is a beautiful waterfall just behind the EcoCamping campsite. Climb up about 500 meters and get to the waterfall with very beautiful scenery around. 
Wadda Pani Ella
This waterfall is found on the way to Atanwala village trekking and very aggressive when water level arises. Also the beautiful while seeing from the bottom.  

Moderate trekking / hiking

This is a rock mountain which the top of it is almost flat. Hiking is fun. And also you can get an amazing 360 degree on top of it. Approximately there is a trail of 1KM on top of it to get to the next edge of the mountain. Fun and beautiful walk up there.
It is almost abandoned village at Riverston and can be reach by walking about 4 hours continuously. Very beautiful sceneries and trekking though the thick forest gives you the pleasure you are looking for. What an amazing tour it is.

Advanced trekking / hiking

Duwili Ella Waterfall Collection & Rock Cave
Duwili is the waterfall name and is situated at upper part of the Kalu River. A day to get to the waterfall and the night can be spend at the cave behind the waterfall while water is falling right in front of you. Amazing experience it is.