Camping at Riverston - Sri Lanka

     We warmly welcome you to Camping at Riverston - Sri Lanka. We are operating as a team to provide a better experience for you to go camping at Riverston, Knuckles range – Sri Lanka which is one of the best place in the country because of

•    Weather – you will get amazing whether changes from hot to cold and wet to dry just by walking few hundreds of meters.

•    Easy Access – You can drive your car or SUV to the location where our tour guide stands to get the things ready and walk towards the camping site.

•    Friendly Environment – Our tour guides and assistants are always very friendly and also you will walk through the villages and talk to the people who live there also very friendly and supportive. You will get to know most things other than just setting up a camp.

•    So many activities – It’s not just a camping experience. You will find so many places to see and enjoy including many waterfalls, nature sceneries, nature tracking trails, rocks, mountains and much more…
•    Affordable packages
  1. Camping up to 6 people - at our camp site with tents 
  2. Village Stay up to 25 people - Cleaner village house with basic facilities
  3. One day tours with Guide & a lunch in the village 
  4. Trekking , Hiking and many more activities...
Enjoy the Dolkey Night just for 6000LKR per group of 7. Enjoy the country music with camp fire with village cocktail and a dolkey songs unplugged.

Email us for more details... 

Camping Rules:
1. You are required to visit us before 4PM.
2. Respect the nature and its beauty. 
3. We are not in a position to control the weather conditions but we do provide shelter at our own cost if it is hard for you to camp.
4. All selectable locations may not have sanitary facilities.
5. No luxury facilities are provided. This is real camping.
6. Dancing / Partying inside tents are prohibited.
7. Liquor may be consumed but we reserve the right to reject any requests made thereafter.
8. Outsiders are not allowed to stay.