Camping at Riverston - Sri Lanka

We warmly welcome you to Camping at Riverston, Sri Lanka. We are the only team that facilitate camping at Riverston with all the bits and bytes. This is why you need to choose us;

•    Everything is Ready – We make everything ready before your arrival. Tents, Bonfire, BBQ, Trekking Guides and all is ready to welcome you. There is no waste of time and all you do is enjoy the nature.
•    Weather – you will get amazing whether changes from hot to cold and wet to dry just by walking few hundreds of meters.
•    Easy Access – You can drive your vehicle as close as 100m to our camping site.
•    So Many Activities – You will experience a real camping night as how you do it in the woods. Not a fake nor many luxuries around. Very close to the nature. This includes more activities such as Bonfire, BBQ, Trekking & Hiking, Waterfall Hunting, Bird Watching, River bath, Jogging, Village Trekking and many more.
•    Affordable Packages – Packages are priced from Rs.1300 to Rs.6999 and this will help you to choose the right package with right options for your stay. Click here to see the package.

Standard Procedures to Follow:
     1.     You are requested to visit us before 4PM.
     2.     Should respect the nature and its beauty. 
     3.     If in case a bad weather such as heavy rain is effected, we provide a shelter most probably a room with mattresses to sleep without getting caught to any difficulties. This is a free service we provide.
     4.     You should follow the guides instructions at all the time you spend with us. If a guide is not reserved, We kindly request you to follow the standard safety procedures on all your outdoor activities during the stay.
     5.     No luxury facilities are provided. This is real camping.
     6.     Dancing / Partying inside tents are prohibited.
     7.     Liquor may be consumed but we reserve the right to reject any requests made thereafter.
     8.     Outsiders are not allowed to stay.
     9.     Kind request NOT to damage any camping equipment or property. If there is any, you are required to pay the relevant amount before leaving the property.